We Won! Photos & Drawings: Wisconsin/Minnesota Showcase Award

Photos & Drawings won two awards that the 2011 Flyway Film Festival.

We won the Wisconsin/Minnesota Showcase Award and a Special Jury Award for Cinematography for our D.P. Steve Speers. Incredible!

Pictures: Jon & Alyssa after receiving the awards. The awards are AWESOME granite Axes.

This was an amazing and special night for our little film and I am so proud of everyone involved in the film.

We have to thank Rick Vaicius and the Flyway Film Festival staff for putting on such a wonderful festival too. I saw great films like: Radio Free Albemuth, Saw Dust City, The Winter Frog, Terrebonne, Alone, Gosia's Witch and met with terrific filmmakers.

Flyway also brought in Jon Reiss who gave us a great film self-distribution workshop and overall pep-talk to continue doing what we do. They also brought in Producer Ted Hope to do the keynote which I regretfully could not attend.
If you live in near Pepin, WI you have to consider attending next year. There is something special happening at Flyway and experiencing it is the only way to discover what you are missing.

Hope to see you there in 2012.

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