Simon's Cat 'Fly Guy'

Check out this film by Simon Tofield.

A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to catch a housefly.

I love this. The kitty animation is brilliant. If you have cats you'll know this little guy or maybe.. he's yours.


Encyclopedia Pictura

Was talking film the other night with a friend and was reminded of the group Encyclopedia Pictura so thought I'd post on it. They make some of the most trippy artistic music videos.

There work is usually a hybrid of rich graphics, nature themes, and mixture of live action and vfx.

One of my favorites is the video Wanderlust they did for Bjork. You can see the making of here. Pretty epic stuff.

Encyclopedia Pictura is represented by Ghost Robot where you can check out a lot of kick-ass work as well.

Check out the videos Grizzly Bear - Knife and Seventeen Evergreen - Haven't been yourself below.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Woodfriend

Found this video by Houses in Motion

Such a simple concept and executed beautifully. I love all the illustration styles.

Kim Bunce- Live Action Direction of Photography
Ian Foster- Apartment Set Creator+Set Animator
Bryan Brinkman- Production Assistant
Carolyn London- Producer
Andy London- Producer