3 Films. 2 Fests. 1 week.

Pure Craziness!!! Next week I have three films making their premieres.

#1 My short Photos & Drawings is playing Twin Cities Film fest before the feature CONVICTION. Written & Directed by yours truly. My labor of love, this will always be my favorite of course!

#2 Phasma Ex Machina, an intelligently beautiful film I co-produced and did the titles for is premiering regionally. Written & Directed by Matt Osterman.

3# THE TESTED, a honest, heartfelt, gem of a movie is making it's debut at the Woodstock Film Festival. Written & Directed by Russel Costanzo.

WHAT AN HONOR THIS IS to have all of this happening at the same time. It is proof that hard work pays off, sometimes a little luck comes your way, and how you really wish you could time travel so you could be in all three places at once. Luckily I get two of the three. (Best of luck at Woodstock Russell and Melissa.)

I hope you can make it out to the Fests and take in these movies. I am extremely PROUD of every film. All the filmmakers and directors (including myself) put every last blood, sweat and tear into these pictures. This is commendable because Films don't happen overnight, everything must fall into place to make them happen, and once it is done you hope and dream of getting into a festival.

I look forward to next week and this rare event. Hopefully we all continue this ride as it is truly "one lucky trio".