Phasma Ex Machina

Our friend writer/director Matt Osterman is in the middle of finishing his movie Phasma Ex Machina. We are very excited to announce that we'll be working with Matt over the next weeks creating Titles and Visual Effects.

An ambitious mystery, with strong elements of science fiction and the supernatural, Phasma Ex Machina follows the lives of two brothers and an electrical engineer trying to decipher a series of strange events. Everything changes when they discover that the distance between the living and the dead isn’t all that far.

Phasma Ex Machina Trailer from Phasma Ex Machina on Vimeo.


Painted Wall Animation by Blu

Found this video on twitter from the @Broverman RT of @rainnwilson. The artist is Blu

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


Kit - An Auto Body Experience

Studio Collective recently wrapped this opener for Kit - An Auto Body Experience. Kit is a Speed TV cable television show about men who like to build real cars from kits. We created an entire broadcast package for Kit, :30sec Opener, Logo, Broadcast Graphic Elements, and car metamorphosis. We created the piece for MNFX for the production company Airborne Creative.

You can check out the video on our website.