ON SALE NOW! Photos & Drawings Limited Special Edition DVD

Photos & Drawings
Limited Special Edition DVD
Written & Directed by Jon Maichel Thomas

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About the film
Photos and Drawings is a romantic drama about two creatively stuck artists who find inspiration through a chance meeting only to discover something more. Watch Trailer

This limited edition hand silkscreened and numbered DVD is a collector’s item–only fifty exist. The one of a kind DVD includes:

The short film - by award-winning filmmaker Jon Maichel Thomas
with Bonus Features:
     •  Helena’s Drawings -  by Alyssa Thomas & Cryssa Otto
     •  Behind the Scenes photos of the production
     •  Photos & Drawings Soundtrack – mp3 audio file on the disc

• Flyway Film Festival - Minnesota/Wisconsin Showcase Award

• Flyway Film Festival - Best Cinematography
• Ego Film Festival - Best Cinematography

SynopsisTwo artists in search of inspiration discover something more.

Photographer Joel wasn’t expecting to see the woman of his dreams, but there she was, artist Helena, sketching in front of him. Joel is mesmerized by Helena’s beauty until their eyes meet, then he panics and leaves.

Joel confides with Kerry about the incident as he works on his portrait series. Meanwhile, Helena uses their chance meeting as inspiration for her own work.

Joel discovers Helena’s gallery opening is the same night as his and makes a bold move with a newly inspired photo series. Joel makes a surprise appearance at Helena’s show and discovers her secret crush on him.

About the DirectorFilmmaker Jon Maichel Thomas has worked as a title designer on dozens of feature films including The Coen’s “Intolerable Cruelty”. Jon co-produced the critically acclaimed indie feature “Ghost From The Machine” and is founder and creative director of Studio Collective, a motion graphic and interactive design company.