So I've been a fan of this local Minneapolis band for a while called The Vicious Alive. I am definitely a little biased because the band was started a few years ago by my long time friend Thomas Fay and brother Scott Thomas. From the first song they played for me, rough and raw, acoustic in my living room, I was hooked. It was solid, true rock+roll music with hints of references to bands of our past and present like: Led Zeppelin, America, CSNY, The Cure, Audioslave, Alice in Chains, or STP. It was music I love, the stuff I listen too.

And ironically, for the past two years I've been the drummer for TVA. It kind of happened accidentally really. Their previous drummer moved away and I was the only one left standing who knew the songs well enough. But really the needed someone to fill in on 3 days notice to compete in a battle of the bands. We pulled it off. It was a lot of hard work and we didn't win.

The video I am sharing is from THE VICIOUS ALIVE's recent recording session for the album Supermodel Suicide, due out this spring. Scott and Thomas are running down a track from the album called "Sentiment" while Chris Harrington preps the studio.

The finished album will have a lot more going than this, more vocal and guitar layers. This video however captures what got me hooked from day one... solid rock+roll songwriting.

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